We discreetly interview key people, in order to elicit strategic information from them. It is done legally, ethically and discreetly. The client’s name is never mentioned.

These people can be your:

  • Clients and prospects.
  • Competitors.
  • Suppliers and potential partners.
  • Takeover targets.
  • Regulators.

At all levels:

  • Workers, Skilled staff (scientists, salespeople, marketeers).
  • Middle & Top Management (Managers, Directors, VP’s, CEO’s, Presidents).
  • Investors, Shareholders, Owners, Regulators, Politicians.
  • Wealthy individuals, Heirs to family fortunes.

Our work ethics is the following:

  • No compromise on Quality, Integrity and Confidentiality.
  • Respect for our clients, suppliers, allies and employees.
  • Every project is carefully planned through a « Worst Case Scenario », especially taking into account all legal aspects.
  • Use of an international network of companies as « firewalls », for confidentiality of operations.