Baconian’s advice to our clients is based on high level investigations. We bring them the ultimate competitive advantage in order to :

1. Win high margin contracts.
« We knew we would win this tender in Turkey, but thanks to Baconian, we priced just under the competitor. We won the bid of 91M$ with only a 0.6% mark down and a great margin”. Secretary General of a major industrial group.

2. Outsmart competition.
« Baconian gave us 20 months warning that a competitor would drop a new version of its key product. We accelerated our own development ». VP Strategy, Aircraft manufacturer.

3. Secure acquisitions.
« We were in discussion for acquiring a company. Baconian discovered a key flaw in their Intellectual Property. Instead of spending US$ 250 million buying it, we negociatied a licence agreement for only US$ 2 million.”, Acquisition VP of an electronics company.

4. Win Litigations.
« Baconian is by far the best consultant we have. We were successful in attacking a competitor’s subsidies. As a result, regulation authorities reduced them by several hundred million dollars ». Senior VP, automotive industry.

5. Combat corporate fraud.
« Our subsidiary in an Eastern Europe country was victim of massive fraud organized by some of our own top employees. Baconian gave us a clear picture of the secret networks involved. ». Senior VP, top financial institution.

6. Open closed markets.
« Approval of our leading drug was blocked in Poland. Lobbying the Health minister proved fruitless. Baconian discreetly analyzed the blocking points. In 3 months, our lobbysts got the drug approved ». CEO major biotech company.